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Black Labrador – Charcoal Dog Drawing

Black Labrador Charcoal Portrait

Black Labrador – Charcoal Portrait

Hello there,

I have decided to start posting new portraits on my blog again, as not everyone is on Facebook or Google Plus. So meet ‘Max’, a lovely Black Labrador whose owners describe him as a gentle giant. Most dog portraits are commissioned in pastels so it’s always great fun when I get to draw one in charcoal.┬áMax’s portrait was commissioned as a birthday present for his ‘Dad’. Apparently, he loves it! ­čÖé
Labradors are always fun to draw and paint, I have done quite a few Lab portraits over the years, mostly in pastels. After all, Labrador Retrievers┬áare the nation’s favourite dog breed! There are currently five┬áLabrador portraits in my dog portrait gallery┬á– two of black Labs (Motty and Bella), two of yellow Labs (Summer and Biene) and one of a chocolate Lab (Missy).

If you are interested in a portrait of your Labrador or any other dog or pet, don’t hesitate to contact me.