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Horse Portrait – Head Study in Charcoal

I have just completed a horse portrait in charcoal (size A3) – and thought you’d like to see how it came to life! Meet ‘Cassedy’, a beautiful dark bay Hanoverian mare. I had a lovely reference photo to work from so this portrait was a real joy to draw.

Personally, I really love charcoal, especially for horses as you can achieve a very realistic effect. It’s also cool that I only need about three charcoal pencils for this kind of horse drawing, as opposed to dozens of different pencils and sticks that I need for a pastel pet portrait.

I scanned this horse drawing at different stages, as you can see below. Cassedy’s ‘Mum’ is thrilled with the charcoal portrait of her horse!
Horse Drawing work in progress
Horse Drawing work in progressHorse Drawing work in progressHorse Portrait Charcoal Drawig

More artwork in progress

If you would like to see more examples of my horse charcoal portraits, click here:
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Black Labrador – Charcoal Dog Drawing

Black Labrador Charcoal Portrait

Black Labrador – Charcoal Portrait

Hello there,

I have decided to start posting new portraits on my blog again, as not everyone is on Facebook or Google Plus. So meet ‘Max’, a lovely Black Labrador whose owners describe him as a gentle giant. Most dog portraits are commissioned in pastels so it’s always great fun when I get to draw one in charcoal. Max’s portrait was commissioned as a birthday present for his ‘Dad’. Apparently, he loves it! 🙂
Labradors are always fun to draw and paint, I have done quite a few Lab portraits over the years, mostly in pastels. After all, Labrador Retrievers are the nation’s favourite dog breed! There are currently five Labrador portraits in my dog portrait gallery – two of black Labs (Motty and Bella), two of yellow Labs (Summer and Biene) and one of a chocolate Lab (Missy).

If you are interested in a portrait of your Labrador or any other dog or pet, don’t hesitate to contact me.