Cat Drawing in Pastels

cat pastel portrait

Tuppence Reference Photo

Cat “Tuppence”

Pastel portrait
on Sennelier Pastelcard (A4)

Customer comment:
Dear Sandra
Tuppence arrived safely this morning at my Mother’s. I had already bought a
light Oak frame for her and she looks beautiful.
I am saying her because your portrait of her is amazing and there is far more feeling coming
from the portrait than any of the photos I have
of her, and it seems that no  matter where we stand to look at her,
her eyes are following us. Although she is no longer here with us, it feels as if a bit of her still
is because we both think you have done a purrfit
portrait of her.

Thank you so very much, I don’t think anyone could have captured her better.
My very best wishes to you ( and if anyone asks me to recommend an artist
you will be the one )
Lots of love
Carole 🙂 x

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