About the Artist

Sandra and KolliMy name is Sandra Palme. I’m a professional pet portrait artist based in a small village in Surrey, England, specialising in custom pet portraits.

I have enjoyed drawing animals all my life and thoroughly enjoy creating pet portraits for pet owners all over the world. Every pet or wild animal – be it a horse, dog, fish, butterfly or tiger – will be drawn with the same devotion. I know how special your furry or feathery friend is to you – I feel the same about my own companion animals. I love all animals, big and small, which is why I have adopted a vegan lifestyle.

I had my own horsey friend for almost 17 years – an Icelandic gelding called Kolbakur (pictured right) who meant the world to me (and always will).

I’m now owned by two sweet little budgies called Mr Darcy and Cedric (Ceddy).

When I’m not at my drawing desk, I like to be out and about in nature. My husband and myself are into wildlife photography and bird photography in particular. We’re members of the RSPB and regularly visit various nature reserves. There’s nothing like spotting, watching and photographing the wildlife that is all around us. I love going out with my camera, watching and appreciating our native birds and taking photos of them. I show my photos on my bird photography website and have had several photos published.

So you can see that animals are – and have always been – a very important part of my life and I feel that every portrait that I draw shows this.

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