Bird Portraits from Photographs – Pastel Portraits

I really love to draw and paint birds. While I love drawing pet portraits, I’m a real bird nerd and am interested in everything avian. Budgies have always been part of the family and about 10 years ago or so, I started birding and taking photographs of wild birds. This is my favourite hobby and I spend as much time as I can out with my camera. I have seen many wonderful birds and many different species over the years. I am in various bird groups on Facebook and like to help people ID birds they have seen or photographed. I share my own bird photos on my bird photography website.

On this page, you can look at some of the bird portraits I have done, some were commissioned, some were drawn from my own reference photos – such as the beautiful singing Nightingale, my favourite bird, the young Grey Phalarope (both pastel paintings) as well as the juvenile Sand Martin and male Stonechat (charcoal drawings). I’ve also had many bird sketches (and photos) published in the local ornithological society’s newsletter.

I would love to draw or paint your bird for you (or any wild bird you like) in charcoal or pastels. Budgies or parrots,  songbirds or raptors, geese, ducks, chickens…any species – just contact me and together we can discuss your bird portrait!