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For some reason, cat portraits are not commissioned as often as dog and horse portraits, which is actually a real shame. Felines are so beautiful with their unique markings and amazing eyes. Many cats also have that look of superiority on their little faces – a real pleasure to paint! On this page, you can see a selection of cat art that I have been commissioned to do.

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The drawing of the Maine Coon tomcat “Spike” is the smallest (18×24 cm) but you can see that I am able to capture a lot of detail even if it’s not a very large portrait. Spike’s portrait was given away as a present to his owners. Most of the other head studies are slightly larger at 24×30 cm (about A4) – this is the most popular size for a cat portrait. It’s also ok for a full-body study, such as the pastel painting of the two Scottish Wildcats. Again, it is possible to capture a lot of fine detail; however, you can go up one size (30×40 cm) if you wish. This size is also best for more than one head study, such as the painting of the three Persian cats (also a present for their Mum who had adopted them – all three were rescues).

Whether for a member of your family or for a friend, you can commission your cat portrait in both pastels and charcoal although personally, I would probably choose pastels, simply because a cat’s eyes are so wonderfully colourful. Tabby, ginger, black, white, tortoiseshell – they all look fantastic painted!

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I would love to paint or draw your cat for you and capture what is unique about him or her – please contact me anytime. You can email me or connect with me from my site or follow on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.