Christmas Pet Portraits for Xmas 2022

Christmas Pet Portrait

Commissions for Christmas 2022 are now being accepted. Secure your slot on my Xmas list now!

A pet portrait is a fantastic Christmas present, something special that can’t just be bought in a shop. I get very very busy in the run-up to Christmas and I only have a limited number of slots that I can offer.  So the earlier in the year you contact me about a possible Xmas commission, the better…the early bird and all that!

If you have left it too late, a voucher can always be purchased, printed off and framed. I can even email one across on Christmas Eve! But as it is special to receive a customized portrait already drawn as a gift on Christmas Day, let me know asap using the contact form, or by email to and we can discuss your portrait.

pet portrait for Christmas

 A pet portrait makes a great and and unique gift!