Customer Comments for Fine Pet Portraits

The lovely comments I receive from happy customers are the biggest reward.
Here are a few examples!
Black Labrador Motty

My wife was absolutely blown away by ‘the eyes’, and everybody we have shown it to says it is a fantastic likeness. Even people in the framing shop wanted to know who you were as the artist, and were very impressed with the finished article….
So thank you very much, we have a very happy birthday girl, and that means everything…. ”

Neil G., UK.

Dog Dexy portrait

“All I can say is ‘WOW’… It brought tears to my eyes. You have definitely captured Dexy perfectly – even his eyes!!!  You are so very talented!!!
The detail is fantastic… You can see every hair.
I showed Dex and he put his paw up… So he must approve also!! I’m so excited to see their faces on Christmas Day... They will love it as much as I do. Thank you ever so much.”

Sue R., UK.

Mini Schnauzer Bremner

“That looks fantastic, you have captured the essence of Brem. Can you make it bark!!!!!!!!!”
“My wife loved the portrait, it made her cry, which was a wonderful reaction to see on Christmas morning. Thanks again.”
Shaun H., UK.

Greyhound Mabel portrait“The portrait looks fantastic, I love it . You have captured Mabel perfectly.”
Phil T., England.

then I saw it it brought a tear to my eye, so stunning, I could not be happier. It’s beautiful,  it’s so her! The eyes are just stunning are really show her character. I can’t stop looking at it,  hung over the TV and no idea what is actually  on the telly as just looking at it, brilliant just brilliant. You are so talented and I love it! xx.
Yvonne F., England

Exmoor pony Fraggle portrait

“Dear Sandra,  Fraggle’s portrait arrived yesterday and is now framed and hanging on the wall.  I must say it is an exceptional likeness; you have really captured the very essence of our beautiful lady. Also, this probably sounds silly and a bit of a cliché but they say that in any good portrait the eyes will appear to follow you – well this certainly seems to be the case, just as when she was with us, she would stand at the gate and gaze until you gave her what she wanted, you have captured that spirit and it has made me cry, it rest beautiful – Thank you so much!”
Di W., England

American Cream Draft Horse Lucky portrait

I thought that I had been impressed with your other work. Yes all of your work is excellent in capturing the physical and emotional qualities of your subject. But this work is sooooo incredible I am brought to tears. You are illustrating Lucky and his most exceptional spirit so very well. I am at a loss for wordsI have never had such a lovely piece of art, crafted with love, and so capably portraying Lucky’s very heart and soul. ”
Bill Davis, USA

Danny Boy horse portrait

“It most definitely has my approval… it’s perfect Sandra. I cannot tell you how much I am thrilled with the finished captures him so beautifully. I will definitely be recommending you to all my horsey buddies and look forward to showing it off on my wall. Thank you so much again, I really love it; it’s even better than I imagined.”
Gail M., G.B.

Cat Tuppence portrait

“Tuppence arrived safely this morning at my Mother’s. I had already bought a light Oak frame for her and she looks beautiful. I am saying her because your portrait of her is amazing and there is far more feeling coming  from the portrait than any of the photos I have  of her, and it seems that no matter where we stand to look at her,  her eyes are following us. Although she is no longer here with us, it feels as if a bit of her still  is because we both think you have done a purrfit  portrait of her. Thank you so very much, I don’t think anyone could have captured her better. My very best wishes to you (and if anyone asks me to recommend an artist  you will be the one).
Carole, UK

Cat Nonny portrait

Happy with the result doesn’t express my gratitude – it’s absolutely perfect. I think you have captured Nonny to a tee and I am sure my wife will be both surprised (and shocked) at the gift. I cannot believe how well you have captured Nonny.
Once again thank you so much for the quick turn around and for capturing Nonny in such a lifelike way.”

We are both very pleased with the picture and amazed at how you have captured her mannerisms – the only thing missing was her meow and dribbles! Thanks again for everything.”
A. Abraham, UK.

Cocker Spaniel Max portrait

"What a truly beautiful portrait! You have captured his personality perfectly; what a great talent you have. We are so pleased with the finished portrait. Thank you so very much for a wonderful lifelike finish – we will treasure it for ever. “
John and Val M., UK.

Cat Marmite portrait

I am truly amazed at the quality of this picture, and how the essence of ‘Marmite’ has been captured in the picture and all from a photograph! This picture will bring me years of happiness and is far more personal than a framed photo. Thank you Sandra for doing such a fabulous job! It’s  the dog’s turn next, so keep those pastels out!”
Rachel B., England.