Dog Portraits & Dog Drawings

Dogs are the most popular subject for professional custom pet portraits. Dogs are such beautiful and loving creatures, it really isn’t all that surprising that dog owners want to pay tribute to their special four-legged friends by commissioning dog drawings.

Compare the drawings to reference photos used

Some of the happiest moments of my childhood were spent with a little dog who would not leave my side. A long time ago now, but I will never forget my wonderful little friend.

Dog portrait artist
I can paint your dog in pastels or do a charcoal drawing from your reference photo(s) and am always happy to help you choose the right one. The most requested size for a head study is 24×30 cm (ca. A4) but if you go for 30x40cm, looking at the drawing will create a ‘wow’ moment – the pastel painting of black Labrador ‘Motty’ is an example. This is also the best size and design for full body studies and multiple head studies. I only use high quality artist pencils and paper. When the painting or drawing is finished, I will email you a scan for your approval. Although I am based in the UK, my portraits have been packed up, posted and delivered to countries across the world.

As you can see, I have drawn a variety of dog breeds together with other pets and animals. Whether it’s the bespoke two Boston Terriers ‘Magic’ and ‘Kiki’ who are very successful at dog shows, Smooth Collie ‘Ben’ who does a fabulous job as an assistant dog or cute little mongrel pup Zara who had a rough start to life abroad and has been nursed back to health by her new Mum, after being rescued and flown to Germany – all of them were painted with the same dedication and love.
Labradors are very popular in Britain so I have drawn and painted quite a few. Check out Black Lab ‘Oreo’s’ happy smile!
The highly-detailed pastel painting of three retired police dogs (German Shepherds) called ‘Cassius’, ‘Otto’ and ‘Regan’ was a joy to create and the customer emailed to say that her “husband loved the portrait . . . Became quite emotional! Many thanks for creating such a great memory”. 

Every dog is special, every dog is beautiful – this is what I want to show with my custom canine artwork. Please click on the thumbnail images to view larger versions of my dog art. For current prices visit here and Terms and Conditions here.

I would love to paint or draw your special animal friend for you and capture what is unique about him or her – just contact me for a chat anytime if you are interested in ordering a personalised dog drawing. You can connect with me from my site, via WhatsApp or follow on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.