Charcoal Horse Drawings – Charcoal Portraits from Photos

If you prefer a black and white drawing to a pastel horse portrait in colour, then charcoal is for you! Charcoal is not easy to work with but I have always loved the good effects I can achieve in the details. I only need about 4 different pencils for a charcoal drawing and I am able to capture your horse’s or pony’s essence and personality as well as all of the fine detail – even if the drawing is only small, such as the full-body portrait of grey mare Pacha or the one of the rider on a Polo Pony (see below). Both are on A4 paper.

On this page, there are a few examples of the horse portraits in charcoal that I have been commissioned to draw.
Please click on the thumbnails below to view larger versions of my equine charcoal drawings that may help you choose which pose you would like.

Compare my portraits to the reference photos I used

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