Charcoal Horse Drawings – Charcoal Horse Portraits from Photos

Welcome to my Horse Portrait Charcoal Gallery!
Compare my portraits to the reference photos I used

If you prefer a black and white drawing to a pastel horse portrait in colour, then charcoal is for you! Charcoal is not easy to work with but I have always loved the realistic effects I can achieve. I only need about 4 different pencils for a charcoal drawing and I am able to capture your horse’s or pony’s essence and personality as well as all of the fine detail – even if the drawing is only small, such as the full body portrait of grey mare Pacha or the one of the rider on a Polo Pony (see below). Both are only A4!
On this page, there are a few examples of the horse portraits in charcoal that I have been commissioned to draw.
Please click on the thumbnails below to view larger versions of my equine drawings.