Horse Portrait Pastel Drawings – Horse Portraits from Photos

Welcome to my Horse Portrait Pastel Gallery!
Compare portraits to the reference photos I used
Pastel horse portraits are very popular. If you’re after a realistic painting that captures your horse’s or pony’s essence and
colouring, a pastel portrait is the right choice that will suit any breed. In this gallery, you can see some of the horse portraits I’ve painted in pastels. Head studies are the most popular (24×30 cm or 30×40 cm) – I can also do multiple heads if you like, or a montage of several portraits of the same horse (head and full body, for example). Full body studies of horses – with or without a rider – also look great in pastels. Whether you have a small Shetland Pony or huge Shire Horse – I’d love to paint your equine friend for you.
Click on each thumbnail below to view a larger version of my horse art.