Custom Horse Portrait Commissions by Artist Sandra Palme

I’m an equine artist and, more importantly, a horse person and had my own horse – an Icelandic gelding called ‘Kolbakur‘ – for almost 17 years.  Horses are beautiful and majestic animals and are so wonderful to watch and be around. As a horse person all my life, I particularly enjoy being able to draw different horse breeds, from the tiny Shetland pony to the huge Shire horse,  and close-up head studies as well as full-body portraits. I am so familiar with a horse’s anatomy that I’m never scared of drawing the legs (probably the trickiest part of a horse’s body to draw) and I will see immediately if the proportions are off. I am also familiar with the tack so I enjoy all horse portraits I get to paint or draw, in pastels or charcoal. Although I am a pet portrait artist based in the UK, my portraits have been commissioned by clients around the world. Unlike some other artists, I don’t have a shop with prints as I prefer all of my work to be unique.

Pastel horse portraits are extremely popular. If you’re after a realistic drawing captures your horse’s or pony’s essence and colouring, a pastel portrait will suit any breed. In the pastel gallery, you can view some of the portraits I’ve painted in pastels.

If you prefer a black and white drawing rather than a pastel horse portrait in colour, then charcoal is for you! Charcoal is not easy to work with but I have always loved the realistic effects I can achieve in the detail. Have a browse of my charcoal drawings.

I know exactly how much you love your horse or pony. You can trust me to create a very good likeness. I can even ‘remove’ halters and bridles that your horse might be wearing in the chosen reference photo if you prefer a more ‘natural’ look. All I need is a very good reference photo. The two most popular options for horse portraits are pastels and charcoal – with full body and head studies. I have painted many different pony and horse breeds, from tiny Shetlands to Welsh Ponies and Arabians to Shire Horses. Each individual painting is unique and I love them all!
Above, you can find a selection of my horse portraits – just click on the gallery you’re interested in (equine paintings in charcoal, pastels or watercolour).

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I would love to paint or draw your horse for you and capture what is unique about him or her – please contact me for a chat anytime. You can connect with me from my site or follow on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.