How to commission a pet portrait | UK Artist Sandra Palme

If you would like to commission a custom pet portrait, e-mail me ( ) or fill in the contact form to let me know. If possible, attach a high resolution photo (or scan of a photo) of the pet you would like me to draw. You also need to decide whether you would like a charcoal or pastel portrait and whether it should be a head study or a full body drawing. If you are unsure, I am happy to discuss this with you.

pet portrait

The main “ingredient”: the PHOTO of your pet
This is an essential part of the drawing process: the right photo(s) of your pet. I do not know your pet “in person” so: Please bear in mind that I can only draw what I see! Photos taken in bad light, using a flash (causing “red” eyes), from a distance or too close to the pet might render it impossible for me to see any details. Yet it is the details that enable me to capture YOUR pet’s looks and personality. Your pet’s eyes are the most important feature – the window to their soul. 


How long will it take?
I will try to draw your portrait as soon as I can once I’ve received your photo but please allow at least two weeks (longer when I am really busy). I will try to make birthday presents a priority, but do try and send your order well in advance to avoid disappointment. The same goes for Christmas pet portraits. Order your portrait early to avoid the queue.

What if I don’t like the portrait?
I’ve got a no risk policy: when I have finished your drawing, I will e-mail you a scan or digital photo of it. If you really don’t like it, you don’t have to buy it. I want you to be happy with my artwork! I will make changes until you are completely satisfied. If I really don’t succeed, you don’t have to send payment. As simple as that! So you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

I can also send you scans of the ‘work in progress’ so you can watch your portrait come to life!

What is the best medium for pet portraits?

I have been drawing pet portraits for many years and have found that for me, the best mediums to use are either pastels or charcoal. Which to choose is, quite often, just a matter of taste. Charcoal is always a great option, not just for black animals. However, for cat portraits in particular, I personally prefer colour (pastel) – a cat’s eyes are just too beautiful in colour! It’s entirely up to you though and I am always happy to discuss the options with my customers.

Please note that I retain the reproduction/copy rights of my artwork; no drawing may be copied, reproduced or published without my permission. I reserve the right to use a scan of my drawings on my website or for advertising purposes.