Pet Drawings in Pastels and Charcoal

This is my pet drawings gallery where you can see portraits of ‘other’ pets (not cats, dogs or horses). I really enjoy drawing and painting more “unusual” companion animals and I’d love to paint more hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits, parrots or bearded dragons… or rats or tarantulas or any other family pets. Contact me so that we can discuss ideas for your pet portrait in pastels or charcoal!

Having a pet drawing done is the perfect way to immortalize and honour your beloved companion. I will endeavour to capture every detail of your pet in their drawing – from their facial expressions, to their fur texture (or scales, or feathers…), to their unique personalities. It was great fun drawing Spike the chinchilla’s soft coat. And I’m sure the small pastel drawing of ‘Hugo’ the rat in his favourite spot – his human’s pink bra – is probably the only drawing of its kind!

I work to transform a photograph of your pet into a unique and timeless memory. All of my portraits are hand-drawn in either pastels or charcoal. I use high-quality materials to ensure that your artwork stands the test of time and can be cherished for years to come. From fluffy hamsters like ‘Gizmo’, colourful birds like budgie ‘Sparky’ to reptiles like bearded dragon ‘Darcey’ with hundreds of individual scales – I loved drawing all of them!

The charcoal drawing of beautiful cow ‘Northbrook Daisy’ was great fun to create and I would love to draw more bovines.  Mule ‘Lucy’ and donkey ‘Vroni’ represent the more unusual equines in my pet drawings gallery and I’d love to add more. So if you have a pet donkey you’d like painted or drawn, please do get in touch!

Through my website, Fine Pet Portraits, I offer custom artwork of your pet. I can combine different photos of more than one animal and create multiple head or full-body drawings. The pastel portrait of guinea pigs ‘Coco’ and ‘Honey’ is an example of such a pet drawing.
Pet drawings also make fantastic, unique gifts. Check out the pastel painting of the three goats named ‘Amadeus’, ‘Wolfgang’ and ‘Mozart’! This portrait was commissioned as a gift – this is the lovely review the customer left for me:
It has been such a happy time arranging with Sandra to draw the 3 goats as a present for my son. She has an amazing talent to capture their individual likeness from photographs, and even from their appearance David could tell that the photographs were not taken at the same time, Wolfgang with a summer coat, whereas Mozart and Amadeus had winter coats. Thank you Sandra, I would recommend you to anyone”

I provide a personalised service throughout the process – from initial consultation, helping you choose the right reference photo to the final delivery – to ensure you get exactly what you want.

If you are interested in ordering a pet drawing, please email me with your request, and if possible, attach a photograph (ideally more than one). Alternatively, you can contact me on WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter. My artwork can also be viewed on Instagram. I look forward to being your pet portrait artist!