Scottish Wildcats – Portrait in Pastels

Scottish Wildcats portrait Scottish Wildcat

Scottish Wildcat and kitten
(Felis silvestris grampia)

Pastel portrait
on Clairefontaine Pastelmat
24x 30 cm

Reference photo by M. Binstead

This portrait is for sale at £165 plus p&p.
I am going to donate 50% to the
Scottish Wildcat Association.

They are planning to build a safe Wildcat Haven on a Scottish peninsular where no feral cats can be found.

Scottish Wildcats are critically endangered – if we don’t act now, they will be lost forever, just like so many other species we have killed off by taking away their habitat or by hunting them for their fur.

The beautiful pine marten has suffered a similar fate. It’s up to us to help our British wildlife!

If you are interested in this portrait, please contact me.